The new archaeology »

It ain’t Lew Binford’s world: Decolonising Theory: Centering Traditional Knowledge within Indigenous Theorising Within the academy theory has been historically constructed in ways that have maintained the centrality of Western thinking. This has been…

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The end of an era »

The end of the line: Last typewriter factory left in the world closes its doors It’s an invention that revolutionised the way we work, becoming an essential piece of office equipment for the best part of a century. But after years of sterling service,…

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Another cemetery project »

I came across the St. Michael’s Project while looking into demographics references for cemetery data. Pretty cool site. I opened up…

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Cemetery assistance »

I’ve been going through the data and decided to try to get sex/gender anyway. I hadn’t originally planned on collecting it because…

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On the coast »

Archaeological research gives glimpse of life on Maine coast An archaeological research project focusing on the food remnants left…

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The curse of the mummy’s. . . .trumpet? »

The curse of Tut’s trumpets When British Egyptologist Howard Carter first opened the tomb of Tutankhamun in 1922, he found two trumpets—the…

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Another great archaeological/archeological controversy »

BC/BCE/AD/CE: AD/CE Revisited: What do the journals say? Several years ago now, my colleague N.S. Gill (guide to Ancient History here) started a discussion about whether archaeologists and historians should use the abbreviations of BC and AD when referring to calendar dates.…

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More Binford »

NY Times obit

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Colossal Statues of Tut's Grandfather Resurface »

Amenhotep III reigned during a time when Egypt was at the height of its prosperity and cultural development.

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Cavemen, Cave Bears Battled Over Turf »

After prehistoric humans and cave bears competed for the same real estate, the bears were wiped out. But are our ancestors to blame?

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Modern artifacts

Remember these? I didn’t even know they still made Gleem. I remember trying Pepsodent a few years ago, just for some bizarre reason having to do with nostalgia (although I didn’t use that as a kid, we…

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Why ancient Mayan communities were 'living on the edge' of what is now a massive wetland

Archeologists are investigating why a highly sophisticated civilization decided to build large, bustling cities next to what is essentially swampland. The research zeroes in on why larger and successful…

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